Powell 365

Website | UX/UI | Responsive

Client brief, UX workshop, 6 to 1, wireframing, graphic guidelines, design system, user interface

Illustrator, Sketch, Zeplin

Powell 365 is a digital workplace that allows you to take advantage of the features of Office 365 & Sharepoint 2016. It is the number 1 Digital Workplace in France. It offers ready-to-use templates that are 100% personalized, on the same principle as Wordpress. My role was therefore to support the client in the design of the sketchs.

I was able to carry out this type of project for 11 different clients, from various sectors. I always did it the same way:
- Collect customer needs with the different intranet functionalities
- A UX workshop with the '6 to 1' exercise to co-build the wireframe of the homepage
- A second workshop oriented on the UI to know the expectations of the client on the graphic part
- An interactive workshop once the models designed to adapt them according to their feedback
- Once the homepage validated graphically, I declined on all pages of the intranet

Digital Workplace | Workshop | 11 different clients

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