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Brand creation, user research, art direction, website creation, products choice, marketing, sells...

Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Prestashop

Snowflakes is a personal project. It is a jewelry brand that I created all by myself from A to Z. Having carried out my first year of experience with a jewelry designer, I have always wanted to create my brand one day and this day is come. From the creation of the brand to the design of the website, including the selection of products, I did everything myself. The collection is available at the following address: Snowflakes .

I first carried out a study of my target with the posting of a questionnaire on different Facebook groups where I obtained almost 300 responses. This questionnaire was able to comfort me on the choice of my products and guide me on other points. I then did an ideation 'workshop' to create the site tree with all its functionalities. I continued with the design of wireframes. Finally, I decided to create the site on Prestashop because it is a CMS that I used to use, I bought a theme that I could modify as I wished with my knowledge of HTML and CSS.

300 answers | From A to Z | In 3 months