Mobile | Museum Experience | UX/UI

UX research, User journey, persona, wireframing, graphic guidelines, prototype

Adobe XD, Illustrator, After Effect, InVision, Photoshop, Zeplin

This project was carried out during a Hackaton week at the Sup de Création. We were in partnership with the Wild Code School and the BNF. This project was presented to the client at the end of the week. The goal was to create an experience before, during and after the Nadar exhibition which took place from October 16, 2018 until February 3, 2019. In pairs we had to create the screens in 3 days, which were then developed by the WCS for the remaining 2 days.

We have created a game allowing the user to prepare his visit to the museum, the more he participates in the game (with 3 stages) the more his experience at the museum will be complete. At each stage, it unlocks a functionality that it can use during its visit. After the exhibition, he can then share his experience and his photos taken during the game and the exhibition on social networks with the #commenadar hastag.

3 days | Full experience | 20 screens