UX Research and Design | Design System | Mobile and Web

Interview, User testing, Workshop, Wireframes, User journey, Prototype, High fidelity mockup

Figma, Illustrator, Jira

Context: Join the CEX team of APRIL Santé Prévoyance for a 1-year mission. The goal was to support the team on all the UX/UI part for which they always called on an agency until my arrival.

Deliver the different subjects of their 2022 roadmap. Implementation of UX Research with ideation workshops, user interviews, data analysis. Design of wireframes in the form of a Figma prototype then production of high fidelity mockups before development. The 2 major subjects were the redesign of the home page of the client personal space and the form for a reimbursement request.

Use and enrichment of the design system | User testing | Acculturation

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